“High school is what it should be: a step in the direction of adulthood along with an opportunity to develop relationships and spread knowledge,” Falmouth High School senior Dominyc X. Gomez said. “The high school experience puts time into a more critical perspective. you come to realize that four years really isn’t much time at all, so you need to make what you can of it but stay balanced.”

Dominyc said he was discouraged that the Past three and a half months of school got “ripped away” from the 2020 class due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but he said he has no regrets about how it went because he knows that everything happens for a reason.

“I’m sure the future will make up for it,” he said.

Dominyc’s favorite academic courses were William Kulis’s honors history class, Miguel Zamora’s chemistry class, Cheryl Milliken’s forensic science, Deryk Eynon’s trigonometry class, Cory Dubuque’s STEM class, Nancy Fitzgerald’s childcare class, Leslie Richmond’s English class and Jill Parker’s library internship.

As highlights of his high school career, Dominyc listed his freshman year in general and that Falmouth became state champions in football that year; the Vermont and Medway trips of sophomore year; summer and February of 2018; junior prom of 2019; and New Year’s Eve of 2020 and the upcoming graduation ceremony in July, which he believes will be a highlight.

“I would like to thank my family, my true friends and the Creator first and foremost,” Dominyc said. “I could not thank the Town of Falmouth enough for the ample education and love it has granted me during my time here.”

Dominyc also thanked “the people who have showed me kindness and made me feel as if they wanted to see me succeed, and that’s a feeling I will cherish forever.”

Dominyc will attend the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth to study business entrepreneurship. In five years, Dominyc hopes to be completing an extra year of study to get a master’s degree in business or to have developed a company or brand by then.

If possible, he would like to “start an organization that can get more Cape Verdean children a Massachusetts education,” he said.

“Dominyc is a completely unassuming young man with a big smile, a firm handshake and impeccable manners,” Falmouth High School guidance counselor Kurt A. Lawson wrote of this senior in a letter of recommendation.

From speaking with his coaches, Mr. Lawson learned that Dominyc is “the first person to encourage teammates having a tough day and the first to welcome a new player.”

“He is very outgoing and is always looking to meet new people and welcome others into the group. Dominyc has made Falmouth High School a better place with his presence,” he said.

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